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NewPro Multi-Source Pte Ltd, an exclusive arm of Jim-Mike Cleaning Services Pte Ltd, was set up in Singapore as a major distributor of cleaning products for stones and tiles under the NewPro brand.

We also provide stone and tile care solutions for our customers - from pre-installation, cleaning, maintenance and restoration of stones and tiles - to ensure that they remain beautiful for a lifetime.

Since stones vary in their physical and mineral makeup, and react differently to chemical and mechanical processes, a complete understanding of stone formation, how they are used and proper identification is imperative. We have the knowledge and know-how to offer simple yet effective stone care solutions for our clients.

About Us

Product Categories


To help with your cleaning needs


Sealers with unique features to cater to your needs and requirements. Comes with warranty on selected sealers.

Carpet Care

Our team of professional cleaners will work on your dirty carpet to transform it and give it a new lease of life.


A broad range of safe and reliable chemicals to suit your every cleaning need.

NewPro Machinery

We source & hand-picked the best cleaning machines world-wide to help you achieve great results with tip-top safety performance when you work.

Problem Solver

Our problem solving products are formulated to effectively and safely tackle many of your stone problems.


We have a range of restoration products that will bring back the "first day factory" shine to your stone surfaces.


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